It being late winter when Hope Springs Eternal, and the beginning of many new projects, we have decided to offer a guide (we call it our Drive Through), and….sorry I couldn’t resist the historic Fiat 500, to help you fully utilize our site. Inside you will find many ways to evaluate properties – price (of course), location, size, type of building, property facilities, map location complete with nearby facilities, photographs of inside and outside – however sometimes it helps to have a helping hand if the site philosophy (yes, we do have a philosophy – more on that later)  proves to be not easily intuitive for the user.  Now, you may not be having any trouble at all with our site, but a reference guide to behind the scenes can come in handy. Decide your sort, click away with the help of the sorting buttons, to find the property you have been dreaming about! BUT…our site also has many other goodies to offer, so come along on the ride with us in our cute red antique. By the way did you know you can get 5 people in this car? It’s true, and I lived to tell the tale.

            First, what types of properties do we offer? The first button on the top ribbon is HOME, and this is where you find our properties.  Three basic price ranges– small/cozy, mid-range family, and luxury. Within these ranges are varying subsets such as “character” apartments in medieval buildings, detached family homes, lakeview properties, seaside and mountain properties, farmsteads, guest houses, golf properties, and………we go on and on. Right on this screen are your sorting options which can literally subdivide each property by 25 different slots – number of bedrooms, country or city, row house or detached, even fireplaces!

How can we give our customers the best of service with all these property types? Our secret is our group of technical, financial, and legal experts specialized in each type of property transaction we offer. Whatever the type of property or complexity of the transaction, we have the know-how to carry it out. So, in effect, CCI has the widest variety of properties, in the widest price ranges, with the best experts in the business.

            Our CCI site reflects this. No matter what you are thinking about in terms of real estate, you can go on site and sort by many filters to match our offerings to your desires. We are anxious to satisfy our clients’ needs; we also can help to organize and refine those needs. Buying real estate in Italy is never easy, and, despite our possibly- clever title, never only a drive through.

            Another item in the HOME file is a download button for our Italian Buying Guide. It has got a large amount of useful information on the topic, and hopefully takes some of the apprehension out of even considering buying a property in Italy.

            The next button on the top ribbon is About Us. Pretty self-explanatory. It deals first with all of our services. All of our claims two paragraphs above are dealt with here. Then, as a subfile under this drop-down, you can find answers to your “WHY” questions – why buy in Italy, why buy now, who can buy a house in Italy. It’s short, clear and to the point.

            Next button you see is Cities. You may or may not know that our geographic specialty is the central Italian region of Lazio, a very diverse location which includes everyplace from Rome to a wonderful medieval village called Morlupo. So, what we offer in this drop-down is a smattering of descriptions of cities and villages in the area. As the book title goes – everything you always wanted to know about these unique places, but were afraid to ask. You will find geography, history, culture, as well as the best bar in town. What more can you want?

            Moving on to the next buttons – Rent, and Business Opportunity. We are really proud of these two as they highlight our latest moves into new areas of specialty. They are basically just sorting results for rental and/or business opportunity properties. Now, sometimes things get tricky here because there are many other properties in our main offerings which also can considered in this manner, but have a wider offering plate. So, look here first, and then check out the main property offering to make sure you haven’t missed anything!

            OK, on to the next drop-down – Blog. Well, that is where you have found this essay, so we guess you know about this. But, really, check out our history here which includes all sorts of things under Travel Corner and News and Curiosities. You will find anything from a lighthearted history of Viterbo to philosophical musings about making an international move to pictures of local flora. There are monthly postings going back 2.5 years so you should find something to your liking. My favorite is the Italian Post Office. With our blog we try to set the scene for your dreams.

            Last one is Contact Us. Here we have another self-explanatory button, where you can send us any questions, concerns, ideas you have about real estate in Italy. Actually, feel free to send us any notes at all, even if you just want to talk about Italy, or you have some suggestions (we really hope you do) for us to improve, for topics to cover, not to mention how to survive on Italian roads.

            This last idea brings us full circle to our red Fiat 500. We hope you have enjoyed your drive through. Check with us next month.



Kathleen Ventre