Anguillara Sabazia, RM Lazio

Over the last few decades Anguillara has become a popular tourist destination. The promenade hosts lots of holiday villas and many people have bought charming houses downtown, for their vacations. Travelling along the lakeside you will find bars, pizzerias, camping, mini-golf, tennis, places to fish, and the famous museum of aeronautics. Anguillara Sabazia is situated on lake Bracciano, approximately 30 Km north of Rome. Anguillara can be reached using a direct train from a number of Rome's main stations such as Trastevere and Ostiense. This fascinating town got the name from an ancient Roman villa called "Angularia", as it used to rise where the coast makes a right angle. The local history of the town has been deeply related to the Anguillara family for years. Anguillara has maintained its beautiful medieval architecture. Close to Anguillara are the ruins of Roman villas, the "Mura di Santo Stefano" and "Muracci di Sant'Andrea".