Anzio, Roma, Lazio

In Rome, there is really only one place to go - Anzio. It's the perfect place to escape the city, explore some history - and top up your tan. Anzio is a medium-sized fishing port on the coast of Lazio, south of Rome. It was an important Roman port, but now is best-known for its military significance as a landing spot for the Allies in the Second World War. Founded by the Volsci way back in the ancient times, Anzio is just 35 miles south of Rome on the coast (if you hit Nettuno, you've gone too far!). Not content to leave such a pretty piece of real estate in the hands of these longtime rivals, the Romans eventually conquered the strategic harbour, and Emperor Nero chose to build one of his beach shacks down there, presumably to have a quiet place to read, think, and be completely normal. By the Middle Ages, the place was pretty much deserted, although some sources claim that during some Renaissance excavations, the Apollo Belvedere - long considered one of the greatest classical statues from antiquity - was discovered among the ruins.