Arzachena SS

A fascinating theory states that this part of the island was once inhabited by the Lestrigoni people, allegedly confronted by Ulysses in one of the chapters of the Odyssey. The place name Arseguen, in fact, could be of Greek origin. Whatever its origin, Arzachena is a fascinating town and absolutely not to be missed, thanks to its many attractions: the Mushroom rock, the churches of Santa Maria della Neve, St. Lucia and St. Peter, the nuraghe Albucciu, the nuragic complex of Malchittu, the tomb of the giants of Coddu Vecchju and the nearby nuraghe La Prisgiona. If you prefer museums, then we recommend a visit to the "Time Box", the smallest museum in Italy, in just a few square meters it encloses all the history of Arzachena and the "Labenur" museum, a recently opened site, housed in Arzachena’s old railway station, which encompasses the archaeological history of the area. By contacting the "Labenur" museum, you can personalize guided tours in the area. Arzachena is also the ideal place for an evening stroll through the artisan shops or attending on of the many cultural events that the town organizes each summer to entertain an ever-growing number of tourists.