Campagnano di Roma , RM Lazio

A pretty town in the gently rolling Lazio hills north of Rome, Campagnano di Roma retains the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Its "medieval borgo" has towers and sinewy streets to enjoy, and the ancient Porta Roma, gateway into the city, still stands proudly next to the City Hall, and opens onto Corso Emanuele, the main street. It is lined with pastel palazzi, shops, eateries and coffee bars, before spilling out into Piazza Leonelli. In Piazza Leonelli you can find a fountain by Vignoli guarded by an old clock tower. Campagnano di Roma organizes an annual Festa del Baccanale, a 55-year tradition of culinary, wine, and artisan highlights. There is also a medieval era event called the Palio delle Contrade, a costumed parade which is followed by a race of dignitaries on donkeys representing the town's districts and battling it out for the prized Palio (a painted tapestry). Campagnano is also known for its cultivation of artichokes and wine.