Campagnano di Roma

Campagnano of Rome is a commune of 11,329 inhabitants in the province of Rome, on the slopes of Monte Razzano, located about 270 m above sea level, its territory includes the hamlet of "Madonna del Sorbo"; Is about 33 Km from Rome and is easily reached via Cassia Bis or Flaminia. Via Cassia, the ancient Consular road linking Rome to Etruria, modern Tuscany, is only a few hundred meters away. To the south, is the modern highway Cassia, leading to the GRA (Grande Raccordo Anulare, the Ring Road of Rome), the main access road to the city (km 20). Fiumicino Airport is less than an hour's ride by car to the west (km 56). If you fancy the sea on warm summer days, head west on A90 by car to reach Ostia and Castel Fusano beach resorts in less than an hour. There is a shuttle bus linking Campagnano town centre with the railway station in Cesano (km 7), where a local train leaves every 15 minutes to the centre of Rome, (30-minute ride) conveniently connecting stations with Rome underground. The train stops include S.Peter's, Ostiense Station, Trastevere where a local train leaves every 15 minutes to Fiumicino Airport.