Civita Castellana

Civita Castellana is the largest town of the Agro Falisco, a place rich with history and treasures to be discovered. The town of Civita Castellana lies upon towering spurs of tuff, deep gorges cutting into the cliffs, offering views of breathtaking beauty, such as the one you can admire from Ponte Clementino, the bridge separating the old center and the modern town. Back in ancient times the name of the town was Falerii Veteres, the capital city of the Faliscan civilization. During the Renaissance, it was chosen to house the papal residence. Among the most famous popes to reside here we can name Alessandro VI Borgia and Giulio II della Rovere. Civita Castellana is surrounded by nature and archeological sites, only a few kilometers away from Via Amerina and the ancient Faleri Novi.