Costa Paradiso

A romantic, secluded and relaxing little village, between the pink cliffs in Northern Sardinia, on the border between Gallura and Anglona: fine sand with a multi-coloured sea. The colours of the sea range from emerald green to sky blue and azure. The sand is warm, firm and white and multi-coloured rocks emerge from the water. A scenic access path follows a river as it makes its way in between pink rocks until it reaches the sea, with wild nature, all making this a very evocative place. Li Cossi is one of the most beautiful and charming beaches in Northern Sardinia. It is a pearl of the Costa Paradiso, a renowned tourist village in the territory of Trinità d'Agultu and Vignola and a rare case of a Municipality formed by the union of two localities, the first inland and the second on the coast, on the extreme western border of Gallura.