Monte Argentario

Monte Argentario is one of the most famous spots in the Maremma. The promontory that looks to the Giglio Island and Giannutri was born trough the joint action of ocean currents and the Albegna river, with the creation of two tomboli which connected the island to the mainland, forming today one of the most important beaches of Maremma. The place of the promontory Rich in archaeological finds the Monte Argentario is ideal for nature lovers, thanks to its breathtaking views and a unique landscape. Wild animals, raptors, flamingos and other birds as well as being an important part of the migratory route inhabit the lagoon. Monte Argentario is close to Orbetello, small and beautiful city whose lagoon bathes the eastern side of the promontory. Every year more and more travelers decide to explore Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano, two lovely, small villages in the area, once the exclusive domain of the Italian élite. La Feniglia La Feniglia is a 6 km long, impressive, sandy beach of dunes that connect Monte Argentario to Ansedonia, in the southern part of the peninsula of Monte Argentario and one of the most famous beaches in the area. With its magnetic, almost lunar landscape and its crystal clear sea this beach has two access points, at their respective ends, where are also some restaurants. The rest is pure nature. White sand dunes and soft white trunks that create suggestive sceneries. The presence of Mediterranean pinewoods is a plus. La Giannella Giannella is a long sandy beach connecting the north of the peninsula to the mainland near Albinia, at the foot of Monte Argentario. Surrounded by a dense vegetation Giannella beach is less wild than Feniglia. Lined with bathing establishments it is ideal for families. There are many campsites and visible accesses to the sea.