Poggio Catino (RI)

In the heart of the green Sabina, among thick woods and olive groves, the small village of Poggio Catino stands alone on a hill. The inhabited area is located on the southwestern foothills of the Sabini Mountains at an altitude of 387 meters. One of the characteristics of this village is that it is divided into two separate urban centers, and only 900 meters away from each other. These are Catino and Poggio Catino itself, belonging to the same municipality. The origins of Poggio Catino date back to the end of the seventh century AD, when migrations of groups of families and Lombard clans settled in these lands, building the first small towns and inhabited centers. In any case, we know that the area where today's town stands was already known in Roman times. In fact, as is well known, the Romans built country residences throughout the Sabina area. Testimony of this are the Terme di Silla (known in English as Sulla), located near the cemetery of Poggio Catino. There is still no certainty that the spas had really belonged to Silla but, in any case, we know with certainty that the Roman presence in this area was not just a passage.