Poggio Nativo, Rieti , Lazio

Authentic small town, beautiful countryside in Lazio. Poggio Nativo is an Italian town 2 623 inhabitants in the province of Rieti in the Lazio region. In the majority of medieval documents available, the name of the “Podium de Donadei” probably derives from the name of what is identified as the founder of the country, a farmer from a place called Donadeo (or Leaders). Its location perched high on a hill, in medieval times made it difficult to access and it was a great advantage for the defence of the country, a safe refuge for the population during the barbarian invasions came to be called the "podium Of the" donum dei, gift of God. After the evolution of the Latin language, and then the vulgar the name of the country becomes POGGIO NATIVO Territory This ancient medieval village stands on a steep spur of rock that rises 415 metres s.l.m, on the southern foothills of the monti Sabini. The municipal area is kind of hilly, typical of the Sabina region, rich in vegetation.The characteristic of the area is the cultivation of the olive trees and grapes, The natural landscape is, therefore, dominated by the presence of typical crops of the area, and the colors range from brilliant green of the vineyards and olive groves, and golden yellow of the wheat that alternate with the spots characteristics of the colli sabini.The Farfa river flows along the territory of the municipality.