Ponza Island, Latina, Lazio

Ponza feels like a secret. The island’s charm lies in its timelessness and simplicity, attracting the fashion crowd and celebrities.Ponza is a small and hilly island off the western coast of central Italy, between Rome and Naples. A picturesque and low-key holiday destination, it is popular with Italians, especially Romans or celebrities keeping a medium profile and also visited by a few adventurous foreigners. If you like pretty fishing villages, island atmosphere, boats, the sea, and exploring, Ponza is an ideal stop on a tour of Italy or a base for a relaxing break. The largest and most varied of the Pontine islands, Ponza is relatively straightforward to reach, but on arrival, it feels a long way away from modern Italy. In Roman times Ponza was one of the Empire's prison islands, used to house illustrious exiled figures including members of the Imperial family. Later, monks inhabited the island, before repeated raids by Saracens led to its abandonment. In the 18th Century, under Bourbon rule, the island was re-populated with colonists from the island of Ischia.