Todi , Umbria

Todi rises on the top of a 400 meters hill that overlooks the valley of Tiber River, on the border with the ancient Etruscan territory. Its name derives indeed from this particular geographical position, Tutere that means “border”. Todi, still surrounded by overshadowing medieval walls, was founded for want of the Etruscan city-state of Veii, whose inhabitants were there in 2707 BC, under the guide of Tùdero, in order to control the Tiber River, a very important transportation and commerce artery. If you love art, you’ll be surprised by the beauty of it gorgeous works of art. Think that just outside the medieval walls, you’ll admire one of the most striking works of Renaissance: the church of S. Maria della Consolazione, with an elegant pale-green dome. Moreover nearby the ruins of a medieval fortress, there is the ancient church dedicated to Saint Fortunato. Every year, in July, thousands of spectators flock to the “Todi Arte Festival”: this exhibition is famous as it involves several art genres: drama, opera house, various kind of music, visual arts and literary meetings. The famous typical Italian food finds a great awarded testimonial in Todi, which is very famous for the cookery and healthy local food: that’s why we would like very much to recommend to the tourists some homemade pastas, such as “tagliatelle” and “umbricelli” , which are a special kind of pasta prepared with eggs and flour that you could try and enjoy only in this part of the world.