DEEP DIVE: Find, Adjust, Enjoy.

Posting 2 articles a month on our website for an extended period of time is really enjoyable for me since it offers an opportunity to cover topics ranging from shameless Lazio pitching, to trying my best to avoid being solely a travelog, to “naturizing” (my own, invented word) highlighting natural wonders of an area , to philosophizing and/or agonizing about property purchase in Italy (our Pausa series). You can find all of these subjects at one time or another, attempting to capture your attention on CCI’s site, as well as the inevitable property photos and descriptions of a real estate site. With this post we begin our new section, DEEP DIVE: Find, Adjust, Enjoy.

The first and the last words in our new section title are self-explanatory, the middle one (Adjust) maybe not. Listen, if you are thinking of property in Italy, you probably are not looking for a carbon copy of American or UK properties – you want Italian, right? For the most part, that means lovely natural materials, great tile work, décor ceilings, etc. AND again, for the most part, somewhat smaller sizing (unless you have a huge farmhouse in mind – we can cover that as well, but another time). Speaking about size, lets deal with the metric measuring system here and now. 4 meter ceilings means 13 feet: 120 sq meters in property size means about 1300 sq feet. Just use the converter on your phone.

Another unique Italian feature is creative use of space. For example, always surprising where you find the washing machine – kitchen, bathroom, balcony, and so on. Diminished floor space means use of wall shelves and wall mounted lamps, a sofa which holds three instead of a whole team – well, you get the idea. If you want to see what this type of creativity looks like, check out the nearest IKEA – they are masters at this. So that’s what we mean by adjust.

For the month of April, how about picking one of our newest listings, interpreting (really translating) photo/descriptions (in idiomatic English) with a

bit of travelogging with a bit of naturizing? The idea is to bring one of our listings alive, so that you can get a feel as to how it could work for you. Sound good? I hope so because that is my plan, and it starts NOW!

A number of months ago we featured Lago Bracciano in our Travel Corner, surrounded by some of its charming hamlets. Just north of Rome. Trevignano Romano is one of these little towns bordering the lake. We will highlight it, together with a particularly interesting new property listing. Our site has a comprehensive geographical and historical section about Trevignano, so no need to repeat that. What we will explain is how each of these attributes allow you to enjoy your new home located in this specific area of Italy. We will try to do this in a way which might appeal to foreign as well as Italian prospective buyers.

Trevignano has a population of approximately 5,700, but attracts large numbers of weekend as well as summer visitors, with its lakeside and historical attractions. Weekends are great for scouting trips here; after a short drive from Rome and a little bit of patience finding a parking spot, you can visit some likely properties, have a scenic walk on lakeside, and then relax to enjoy a wonderful meal.

It has the typical look of hill towns in Lazio, which make for interesting housing layouts and architecture. It gives a whole new meaning to the term “split level house”! Generally the housing supply is a mix of old and new, with the older structures for the most part updated in terms of systems and features. Interior styles are also a mix of tastes, but most have strong Italian influences including lovely terracotta and wood work inside and out. Taking advantage of the Italian climate, houses and apartments have balconies and terraces on which to enjoy the sun and the view.

Next question is how to get around in Trevignano. Inside the city, walking is the best answer. Streets are narrow and parking is limited at best, so enjoy the scenery, sun and fresh air while you do your errands. As in most small towns shopping is mostly in the center, accessible by foot, if you wish, from most residential areas. Now how to get out of town for travel and sightseeing – you need a car! Yes, there is limited public bus transport, connected to light rail into Rome, Viterbo, and Fiumicino Airport, but honestly, it is not the greatest way to get around. Anyway, how else will you poke around those country antique shops, dine al fresco at an agriturismo, or tramp the Etruscan burial fields? (see our travel blog on site about the Etruscans.)

Ok, now we are ready to dive into one of our newer property listings in Trevignano – a townhouse with an incredible view of Lago Bracciano, right in the center of town, but also on the first line lakeside. So , lakeside – not bad eh? Via Garibaldi is a lively spot, with many bars and restaurants and a wide promenade just for your passeggiata. There is a weekend market along this stretch of road as well. For those of you who are considering an in-town location, this fits the bill quite admirably. A short walk around the corner or down the street will get you to a supermarket or an alimentari, whichever you prefer.

Now lets go inside and check it out. Bathroom on first floor, living room, stone fireplace and a lakeview terrace. Upstairs are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, built-in closets, and another balcony with yet another fantastic lake view. Flooring is all natural oak; ceilings are original wooden beams. u. Click on our website under “Awesome View Of The Lake” to see all the pictures and complete description. Below is my description to help you.

Start with the kitchen. As you can see, it is modernized and efficient – a nice island design for the stove, room to eat in. A bit small by American standards but it works fantastically.

The 3 bathrooms (1 guest sized small downstairs), and 2 ensuite (medium sized upstairs) are ample for any use, but not huge. All fixtures are new. In the bedrooms, another space saving device are the built-in closets with mirrored sliding doors, not found usually in Italian houses. The first floor is open plan to give actual and appearance space for the lounge area and kitchen. Entry level (ground) has space for bikes, sport equipment etc at the base of the stairs going up to the first floor.

The balconies are really special since they both have a lake view, The one off the lounge area even has an irrigation connection for the gardeners among you; however, if you just want to savor morning coffee or a glass of wine or a lovely meal there, you will not be disappointed. The main bedroom also boasts a balcony.

Lastly, we need to mention the heating and cooling systems are completely independent in each living area, and the electrical and plumbing is newly installed. Looks like everything is just waiting for you.

We hope that this first installment of our new blog section Deep Dive gives a more up close and personal look at a great property in a great area. In the weeks and months to come look for more of this type of posting, along with of course our Pausa and Travel Corner posts. Let us have your input as to whether these posts are useful and of interest to you. See you next time!


Kathleen Ventre