This is the pretty medievel town of Castelnuovo di Porto, about 30 minutes from Rome. You have an interior view, as well as a street view of an apartment which CCI recently sold to an international client, using our unique “distance buying” feature. The transaction documents, and the entire closing transaction was completed by CCI, identified as legal representative of our international client. In these times of restricted travel, this part of our CCI Total Assistance program is very valuable. Read on below to find out about it.


During the long pandemic lockdown, we have been reviewing our ideas and services, with an eye toward improvement. In doing so, we went back into our blog archives on our website to check out some of our service topics — in particular our CCI TOTAL ASSISTANCE program. Click on this link to discover more. BUT…..we would like to add another item to our assistance package, that of Distance Buying.

In this time of restricted travel and thwarted plans, it is really important that you keep connection to any Italian real estate dreams you had before lockdown — had you already chosen a property, or were you seriously checking out wonderful looking properties on our website? You don’t have to give up on any choices, even if it is impossible right now to travel and connect in person.

We are CCI
Here is how it works. Once a property choice is made, and communicated to CCI, an international client needs only to work with a notary or attorney in their own country to arrange a Power of Attorney which functions legally in Italy. This is a multi-step process: choose the notary or attorney, prepare the Power of Attorney, notarize (identify) the signatures, procure a certified translation in Italian, secure an apostille (certification) through a governmental office of state in your jurisdiction — this is usually done by your notary or attorney. These documents are then express mailed to CCI in Italy, who in turn delivers them to their Italian attorney for final, local certification. All transactions under this Power of Attorney are now ensured, that is, guaranteed. Now, any transaction activities such as price negotiation, problem resolution, document production in two languages etc. will be legally handled on your behalf (and with your consultation) by CCI. In addition, the closing meeting with the notary here in Italy, where the deed is read and signed and finances completed will also be handled for you by CCI through the Power of Attorney.

What is the value for our international clients? Well, at this time of travel and business restriction, the Power of Attorney permits the closing of a real estate transaction to develop, be certified, and be completed without the international client being physically present. The cost of the transaction is also lower because there is no necessity for an interpreter to be present at the closing since it is being handled by Italian-speaking CCI agents, with certified translated documents. All in all, it seems to be a good deal for all concerned, considering that it has taken place despite travel and business restrictions.
Consider Distance Buying part of CCI’s larger service of Total Assistance, and rest assured that Casa&Capital Investment is with you all the way.