WE’RE BACK !!!!!!

 I am a part of all that I have met.

                              Alfred Lord Tennyson

What is it? Resurrection? Emergence? Return? How can the coming end of the pandemic be described – difficult to find the right word. Is it possible to resurrect, emerge, or return unchanged? We are all changed from our pre-pandemic selves in one way or another; we are all doing things a bit differently, maybe even thinking a bit differently, but does change mean loss of plans and dreams?

Finally, the end of the long nightmare of a 2.5- year pandemic is in sight, and we are getting our lives into some sort of order. That requires bringing forth into the light once again (wow, the poetry never stops!)  the exciting idea of buying a residence in Italy. No, it’s not dead! Still here and better than ever!


If Italy seemed like a good idea before the pandemic, then why not now? Italy is still here……natural beauty/ancient historical past…..CCI (that’s us) is still here…….English speaking residents (rough estimates 66,000 Brits;800,000 Americans) still here….. ok – bit of a change for documents for brexiteers, but you guys will survive as we Americans have.

Have the economics changed after the pandemic? Well,… No. As a matter of fact, despite the difficult, initial health situation in the north, Italy has fared quite well.  We had the first lockdown, which was segmented by health situation in each region; then we opened up by region again based on health situation, and never had another major lockdown. We are pretty proud of ourselves. It is due to this that Italy’s economy has begun to grow solidly from initial days. Still here and even better.

ISTAT (Italian National Institute of Statistics) data and predictions for 2021-2022 forecast GDP stability at 2.70 as well as other economic measures stable at current favorable rates. Currency exchange stability is also predicted from present levels (EURO/USD1 euro to 1.16; EURO/GBP1 euro to 0.84). So it would seem the future looks promising.

An interesting, post-pandemic health/economic situation is Italy’s quite stringent facemask current requirements (e.g. public indoor spaces, public transport), as well as the general public’s continued mask-wearing even where not required (e.g. outdoor spaces). Certainly, Italy has learned from experience, so proving Mr. Tennyson’s line. This has helped to drive down covid case numbers, opening hospitals to general healthcare provision, and, in the end, supporting economic growth. We are all about safety, and safety is never a bad thing.

Have the document requirements changed? Purchase of a residence in itself only requires your national passport, an Italian financial code and Italian bank account (both easily and quickly secured) —still the same. For British citizens, however, after Brexit, it is necessary to follow the rules demanded of American citizens for visa and residency. A recent trip of mine to the immigration office showed some serious VIP service given to Brits, as my yankee accent landed me at the back of the line to await my answers, to the seeming delight of my British cohorts (or was I imagining that). Not the end of the world. Italy is working hard to ease the passage of British citizens.

How about your health coverage? Italy is in the process of converting the NHS coverage to be usable in Italy as it was in the past, so no worries there. So…still the same.

It is pretty evident then, for those of you who were and are considering making a residential purchase in Italy, that not very much has changed which isn’t positive – the driver is your own personal situation. Italy is waiting for you.


Now let’s have a look at what’s new at CCI to help you realize your dreams, so long postponed.

Actually, we have always prided ourselves on our Total Assistance program to “make it happen” for our clients, providing, in addition to a great choice of homes, everything from financial and bank assistance, to document acquisition, including Permesso di Soggiorno (the new, big one especially for British citizens). We have legal and notary services. We have construction and renovation services. Head for our website page About Us for everything you need to know. These services are not new and remain still here, but take on increased importance in these days of decision.

Summing up, we are here to give you that extra boost you might need in these uncertain times. CCI would love to share our patch of Italy with you.