Via della Fontana, 13, 02030 Poggio Nativo RI, Italy

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This property is in a beautiful area of green hills  completely covered in olive trees which change colour with the seasons. Truly unknown Lazio! Close to Rome, Mount Terminillo and historic Farfa Abbey. The two level apartment overlooks the valley below. Set high up in the town, it is filled with natural light. Equipped with modern comforts such as dishwasher, parabola antenna, independent heating system.

It is completely renovated and finely furnished with furniture of  1800’s, and consists of a living and dining room with kitchenette and fireplace on the first floor. A balcony overlooks a beautiful panorama with the Monte Soratte in the background. There is a sofa bed in the living room, providing space for a guest. On the second floor, the large bedroom full of light has two windows and a small balcony which again overlook the countryside,  The bathroom next to the bedroom is equipped with shower, and other modern fixtures recently added.  Equipped with  dishwasher, washer, satellite antenna, independent heating system.

Poggio Nativo is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Rieti in the Italian region Latium, located about 45 km northeast of Rome and about 20 km southwest of Rieti.

At the end of the historic centre, in a small square of access to the country, with the fountain, the house is easily accessible by car only for loading and unloading, but outside of the access door of the village, there is a large area for parking.

Ancient paths start from the village and offer the possibility to take beautiful walks on the banks of the river Farfa following the paths of the fifteenth century, in a landscape that appears not to have been touched by the progress.

The authentic small town, beautiful countryside in Lazio.

The property in Lazio offers proximity to Rome and the opportunity to enjoy and explore the less touristy and lesser know areas of Lazio including the Alta Tuscia and Sabina. This region was the heartland of the flourishing and cultivated Etruscan civilisation and here, alongside the breath-taking scenery, you will find a magical land of castles, little towns connected by winding country roads, Etruscan tombs, early frescoed chapels and Farnese villas along with elegant restaurants and family run trattoria…   

This ancient medieval village stands on a steep spur of rock that rises 415 metres s.l.m, on the southern foothills of the Monti Sabini. The municipal area is kind of hilly, typical of the Sabina region, rich in vegetation. The characteristic of the area is the cultivation of the olive trees and grapes, The natural landscape is, therefore, dominated by the presence of typical crops of the area, and the colours range from brilliant green of the vineyards and olive groves, and golden yellow of the wheat that alternate with the spots characteristics of the Colli Sabini. The Farfa river flows along the territory of the municipality.