Traversa Quarto del Lago, Bracciano, RM, Italia


Famous painter’s residence on the lakeside


Unforgettable… It is a MUST SEE! , You will fall in love with this property. You will be reminded of a film set — that is because it is! The film “Pinocchio” directed by Roberto Benigni was shot here.

Located in Bracciano a few steps from the lakeside.


Consists of 2 apartments,  and 9 rooms (in separate small groups) and the restaurant, for a total area of 850 square meters. There are 5 units of separate buildings inside of the marvellous garden which is full of rare plants and trees from all over the world. The Botanical Garden measures 11,000 square meters.

Features among the buildings are a Wellness Center and Spa, including hydrotherapy pool and changing room, and cinema theater with projector. Completing the sport and fitness facilities are an outdoor pool, and tennis courts.

In its separate building of 250 square meters, the restaurant, with its professionally-equipped kitchen, can accommodate 50 people. Guests can enjoy pre-dinner drinks before the fireplace.

The two apartments measure 50 and 70 square meters respectively, and the 9 rooms are designed with ancient roman frescos. All the living, relaxing, and sleeping areas have been professionally decorated, combining modern Italian and classical Roman ideas.

The entire villa is landscaped into the side of a hill, spreading its buildings and gardens over several levels. Dotted around the grounds are classical sculptures and fountains.

The Villa was built in 1960 via the request of the famous Roman artist Lorenzo Vespignani, director of Rome’s school of art, carving, painting, design, and illustrating. In the 1990’s Mr Vespignani sold the villa to his student, who built a  delightful boutique hotel: he himself designed the frescos and mosaics in the hotel, which gives this gem, located in the historical park of the Etruscans, a uniqueness and exclusivity of its own.