7W3H+X8 Rocca Sinibalda, Province of Rieti, Italy

Property type


Interesting property to create a fantastic holiday home in untouched countryside.
The property needs a total renovation (as is evident), but the rewards will not be difficult to achieve.

Possibilities range from a private home to share with family or guests, B&B style business on a small scale, and a vacation or weekend retreat. You design, you choose!

A luminous stone farmhouse of 370 sqm, located between old village Rocca Sinibalda and Lake Turano, in an exquisite hilly setting overlooking Sabina Mountains.

Set above Lake Turano about 7 minutes drive from , this property provides wonderful building blocks for your imagination— a solid, well built,  stone house on the land of 3 hestares in the countryside, with ample room for a infinity swimming pool.

The 3 level house itself has 6 bedrooms (4 bedrooms to be completed). The house features a panoramic view terrace.
A large fireplace dominates the living  area; the rooms are generously sized, with large windows allowing for light to flow in , enjoying the panoramic views of the green hills.
There is a large kitchen area with ample space for installed modern appliances.
The outside staircase leads to the upper floor to be finished (with four bedrooms and two bathrooms).

On the ground level there is the cellar of 130 sqm.

The area historically called Sabina lies at the heart of central Italy, covering almost all the present-day province of Rieti and extending along the Tiber River to include part of the metropolitan city of Rome. Sabina also takes in some municipalities of the provinces of Terni (Umbria) and L’Aquila (Abruzzo)

The strange, multi-layered story of Rocca Sinibalda, located 50 km north of Rome.

The 12th-century Rocca Sinibalda sits on a spur of rock dominating the Turano Valley, a 40-minute drive north of Rome, on what was once a vital trade route between the Medici territories and the papal states. Looking across the valley from the opposite side, the Castle of the Eagle, as it is called, makes a romantic picture – a typical mediaeval fortress, with massive bastion walls topped with battlements and lookout turrets.

However, there is nothing typical about Rocca Sinibalda, a fortress-cum-palace with several names, a bizarre architectural form, a quirky history and a unique and disquieting art collection. As well as the Castle of the Eagle, it is also called the Castle of Metamorphoses, while the plaque by the entry door refers to it as the Castle of Invented Destinies. Each of these names refers to a crucial phase in the fortress’s chequered history.