Strada Provinciale 379, Todi, Province of Perugia, Italy

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For the adventurous, lover of historical structures, here is a unique medieval tower home just outside Todi in Umbria. Torregentile is the modern name of the village which succeeded an earlier village dating from 1200. The whole area has a magical atmosphere, starting with your tower home, and including a fantastic bell tower on the property, protected by Beni Culturali as an historical site of special significance.

This building is in excellent condition with thick, round, stone walls, much wider at the base, a shape particular to a tower. The bell tower stands apart on the property, and its walls define the line of the garden.
The 200 square meter garden is a good size, not too big to look after, with room enough for a possible swimming pool or Jacuzzi.

The house tower is on two floors plus a below ground space, just below garden level. Its vaulted ceilings probably mean that it was  a chapel at one time.

The main living level includes a living and dining area, kitchen, fireplace, and a great view of the surrounding countryside. Ceilings throughout the tower are wood-beamed. Easy, lovely shaped stairs lead up to the bedroom level which includes a convenient walk in cupboard. There is a small bathroom on this floor as well. The whole living space area of the property amounts to a total of 90 square meters, including the below-ground space.

If desired, another contained living and independent area could be added to the tower. The below-ground space, with its beautiful stone vault ceiling, would be perfect for this eventuality, and there would also be a ample space for another bathroom right next to it, and also room under the entrance stairs adjacent to the cellar could also be considered for expanding living space.