Portobello, Province of Sassari, Sardegna, Italy

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An extraordinary stone villa on the seashore of Portobello in Sardinia that everyone is dreaming of.

In the heart of Portobello di Gallura, where the sea merges with the sky and the sand embraces your dream,
there is a villa nestled in the waves, a stone gem kissed by the sea breeze.
Located in a position on the first row of the sea, this detached villa, renovated with skill, opens to the breathtaking view of the crystal clear sea.

This is your opportunity to own a piece of paradise, within a village with prestigious villas, exclusive and secure, with impeccable services and vigilance all year round.

A double living room with fireplace, a perfectly equipped kitchen, four bedrooms and four bathrooms offer unmatched space and comfort.
The large verandas and solarium allow you to enjoy spectacular views at all times.
And despite the feeling of isolation, you’re just a 25-minute drive from Santa Teresa di Gallura, less than 1 hour and 10 minutes from Olbia Airport and a short drive from other prestige travel destinations.
Portobello is a complex of 200 fine villas, immersed in a natural landscape with wonderful beaches and unspoiled nature.

Portobello is an oasis of peace: this exclusive location on the northern coast of Sardinia consists of 200 prestigious villas, immersed in a protected natural landscape.

It is situated facing Corsica, and here you will be enchanted by the wonderful beaches and pristine nature of Gallura.

Here, you have plenty of choices; you can go on beautiful hikes, explore the stunning coast through endless walks, or rent a boat at the Portobello harbor for a romantic outing.
In Portobello, there is a small, less crowded sandy beach even in the height of summer.
A restaurant and a supermarket open year-round will ensure maximum comfort for your holidays.

The houses in the residential village were built respecting strict building regulations – according to which each villa must have a minimum land of native vegetation.
Away from the jet set of the Costa Smeralda, nature lovers and those seeking tranquil beaches will find a true refuge in this untouched and wild landscape of Sardinia.

Portobello is a wild gem, characterized by a succession of different landscapes and wonderfully peaceful, with dark pink sand, granite rocks with splendid pink hues, and crystal-clear water.


The beach of Portobello, located on the northwestern coast of Sardinia, is truly something special: a strip of fine dark pink sand, framed by rugged cliffs and crystal-clear waters.

Not far from here, for a length of 25 km, stretch the beautiful and endless beaches of Cala Vignola all the way to Capo Testa.

The austere beauty of this stretch of coast will captivate you with its tranquility and the indomitable forces of nature.

The countless granite cliffs are ideal for snorkeling and diving – which is why Portobello is an ideal starting point for diving enthusiasts.
In this wonderful coastline, not far from Costa Paradiso,
you may even spot dolphins at times!

Portobello is not a town but an exclusive and ecological condominium.