OR………. WAITING FOR GODOT


Still,  the Brexit morass grinds on, oh no! yet another email from a financial advisory firm hits my inbox, with the headline “Don’t Let The Political Failures Stop Your Plans.” and so on. This new one joins about 6 others urging courage, wise planning, not to mention using that particular firm’s great services to help you through the morass of buying a property in Italy during these unsteady times. Lots of help available for sure for those of you considering this daunting task, even without Brexit influencing currency levels throughout the world.
In previous communications we have highlighted our Total Assistance Plan, in which Casa&Capital Investment absolutely can offer you such specialized financial consulting services to help you to accomplish your goal of purchasing a property in Italy whatever the uncertainty. The point we would like to make here, however, is one of just GETTING IT DONE! Yes, doing it with reason, intelligence, and savy but as has been famously said – just doing it. Not getting stuck in pro/con boxes with no way out. How not to become one of those who is still “coming to a decision” for years down the road, waiting for that perfect project which never quite arrives. Fear of the world outside one’s security bubble is natural, but can be debilitating. There are only so many vacation-realestate excursions you can do. So how to help yourself?
First, after your first conclusions about possibly buying a property, looking at the possibilities online, talking with family and friends (after they get over the shock), thinking out why you really want to do this, it’s time to get specific goals worked out. We also discussed this phase in an earlier “Pausa”, but it is well worth repeating. Otherwise you end up circling around but never getting there. Some people like to do this, sort of like a side occupation, but we think that for those of you who are really serious about your goals, you probably want to get out of the circle and go forward. In point of fact, the uncertainty in today’s market can be managed —it should not prevent you from achieving your goals. Yes, you must plan, think ahead, try to cover all the bases, but CCI has all the help you need to assist.
Second, after trolling endlessly on those real estate in Italy sites, looking at property after property, highlight some examples and then CONNECT WITH AN AGENT. Of course, ( hopefully us) but anyway take that step – it puts the whole process into perspective, focuses on important matters, mitigates some of your misgivings. Absorb real facts, discard needless worries about things which will not happen, and get on a track to your goal.
Third, USE A FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FIRM to work out the possibilities of currency exchange which will be necessary. This is at least as big a hurdle as actual choice of the property because it feeds in substantially with the final cost of the property. This gives you the solid foundation in your planning. Once you have done this, you have the financial tools to make your final decision – go or not! Finances do have a way of focusing the mind. Waiting around does not make the decision any easier – in fact waiting feeds anxiety and worry. Since the financial aspect of property purchase is so demanding, once you are convinced that all can go forward, the rest is fairly easy – really! Focus on that property of your dreams.
 Fourth, at this point you focus your energies forward and stop the second guessing. You have your agent, you have your financial consultant, worries are at a minimum and now the fun part – coming to Italy, meeting your agent in person and selecting your property. We at CCI are looking forward to helping. Good luck with your search.